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Here at Sparkle designer we offer our handmade Jewellery in a choice of Platinum, Palladium, 22ct, 18ct and 9ct Golds.

When choosing your Sparkle Designer handmade Jewellery you have the choice of white, yellow or red gold.

22ct is the aristocrat of the Gold alloys.

Some jewellers will tell you it is too soft. Yes it is softer than 18ct, but over the years, 22ct Gold develops a rich buttery patina.

Like your relationship if it is of quality, it should grow richer and more beautiful with age.

Exclusive to you

And because our rings are made by us and sold directly to you, you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable this can be.

Hand-crafted by our Jewellery Artisan, Goldsmith and Certified Diamond Specialist, each ring is finished using the finest Materials to exacting standards.

In an era that is being consumed by overseas mass production this is a great opportunity to support highly skilled  UK craftsmanship. We design and make our Engagement and Wedding rings to last lifetimes.

In the same way that you wish for that special and unique wedding dress, we know that most couples wish for individually designed Engagement and Wedding rings.

Why not consider a CAD or

Handcrafted original style,

designed by you,

created by us?

Exquisite Jewellery

We are based in the North west of England, having clients from all over the UK.

We offer a personal consultation where  we spend a little time with you, discussing your requirements, keeping close to your budget,  the process undertaken to manufacture, expected timescale's  for sourcing diamonds, gems and to produce  your commission.

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